We have the most caring and professional staff in the business.  We are 100% committed to your child's care and our mission:

  1. To make each visit to our office individualized, comfortable, and educational.

  2. To give parents and children the tools needed to achieve excellent oral and general health to last a lifetime.

  3. To understand that each child is unique and to create an energetic and positive encounter for each dental visit.


Rebecca ROYAL

If you have visited our Wilmington office you have been graced by Rebecca’s smiling face. Rebecca is a Certified Dental Assistant who has been with our family for six years! Rebecca is a native of Rocky Point, NC growing up with 5 siblings. Being one of six, she became an Aunt at the early age of 15! Along with being an Aunt, she is a Mom to a four-legged child, a silver lab named Sir Walter Raleigh. In her free time Rebecca enjoys spending time with her dog, family and friends. Hiking, SUP-ing, journaling, “thrifting” and practicing yoga are among her many interests and talents. An interesting fact about Rebecca, the first time she got on an airplane, she was 26 years old and the second flight she ever took went across the globe to the Philippines! Rebecca has a deep faith and finds inspiration from her favorite Bible passage…“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25